The Conservancy Project is currently a Study Group researching best practices to improve the velocity of conservation project work, the transparency of funding usage, and the communication of value creation to stakeholders and donors.  The ultimate aim of the Study Group is the creation of a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that will serve the interests of non-government organizations (NGO’s) that fund, oversee, or execute conservation project work across the United States. Our current chair is Larry Rogers, recently retired CEO of Data Research Ohio, LLC.

We are actively engaged in better understanding how to leverage the skills and talents of hundreds of Americans with skills that are critically short in the execution of conservation projects. One idea is to pre-qualify individuals on the basis of education and prior experience for potential assignment to projects with organizations that ask for assistance. We believe that it will be possible to not only accelerate the completion of project work, but also to reduce the cost and/or improve operational efficiency by a significant amount.

We share a passion and love for America’s wildest and most endangered places, as well as the flora and fauna that live within. We believe that by bonding together with like-minded people, we can help make a dent in the over $11 Billion Dollar backlog in project work at our National Parks alone. This doesn’t even include other endangered lands and waterways across our nation.

The Conservancy Project is actively seeking volunteers with certain unique skills applicable to conservation work, philanthropy and fundraising, project and program management, wildlife biology, operation of non-profit organizations and related fields. If you have an interest in our mission and the critical skills we need, please use the Contact Us page to receive information and an application package.