Our Mission

At the Conservancy Project, our mission is to accelerate conservation projects, improve transparency of value creation, and reduce the overall cost of execution of project work in our national parks and other endangered lands. We are researching best practices to engage people with high-demand skills applicable to conservation project work, who are able to volunteer a few hours or more each month to the preservation of our wildest lands and the wildlife that live within.

We will do this in a way that provides interesting, challenging, and pride-instilling work for our people, at no financial cost to them. We are dedicated to do this in a way that does not negatively impact the quality of project work, but instead, enhances it. Our work will not threaten or challenge in any way the organizations and people with whom we will work side-by-side to seek speed, improvement, and efficiency of execution. Lastly, we are dedicated to facilitate, not impede, the operational efficiency of the parks, the user experience of visitors, the educational programs and organizations for which we work.

We will do all of this so that the more than $11.6 Billion backlog in maintenance projects can be reduced over time, access to our National Parks can be improved, and younger generations of people are inspired to become future stewards of our most precious national assets.