A Great Example of Conservation that Works!

Introducing The Western Rivers Conservancy

In my previous post, I mentioned that I have a wonderful relationship with a non-profit organization that supports Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Forever.  I have learned pretty much my entire body of conservation knowledge from that organization, through personal contacts in the organization and through connections on LinkedIn. Relationships such as this are a great way to get started in conservation.

It was during a conversation with one of my YF connections that I first learned about The Western Rivers Conservancy.  Here is a wonderful example of thinking outside the box (just as we are) to have a significant impact on the conservation of endangered lands.  In a nutshell, the mission of WRC includes the purchase of endangered lands for set-aside. One example near and dear to my heart is their purchase of mineral rights in a former mining area very close to the park boundary at Yellowstone.  A review of their website will lead the reader into more details on the projects they currently have under way, and past accomplishments.

Frequent visitors to our site will already be aware that one element of our mission is to ‘improve…the transparency of funding usage, and the communication of value creation to stakeholders and donors. WRC also values this principle, as you will read in the Stewardship section of their site.

The more I read and learn on the topic of conservation project work, the more confident I become that we have the right idea for accelerating conservation projects across our nation.

Larry Rogers, Acting Chairperson, The Conservancy Project Study Group

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